Art and local crafts

In Doué-La-Fontaine, La Rose Bleue offers those curious about troglodyte heritage and craftsmanship a playful stroll through the world of the underground and the creations of Karin Chopin-Lolliérou. To go further, a guided tour plunges you into the world of troglodytes, discovering the adventure of the Rose Bleue and its underground art gallery, then takes you to the ceramist’s workshop where the magic of the wheel and the alchemy of enamels reveal the secrets of clay. You can even exercise your creativity by signing up for the artistic expression workshops!

Do you like the smell of soap? You will love the Martin de Candre soap factory and its museum! For more than 40 years, the Dauge family has been perpetuating a craft that has almost disappeared in France. Very few people still “saponify” and make pure soap, 100% vegetable, without any chemical additives. What is soap? How is it made? How do you create a fragrance? Saponification is explained to you thanks to a slide show tracing the different stages of manufacture. So do it!

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