Local wines and products

Hotel Le Bussy is a good starting point for lovers of the vineyards of Anjou and Touraine. In the heart of a golden wine triangle, you can taste the many grape varieties of AOC Bourgueil, AOC Chinon and AOC Saumur.

To discover the AOC Chinon, we advise you to visit the Monplaisir cellar in Chinon. Combining a troglodyte visit with wine tasting, this is an unusual experience in Touraine. On arrival, you are welcomed by Claude and Pascale, both passionate, knowledgeable, smiling and very friendly. The troglodyte cellar is impressive, very large, atypical! You walk through huge galleries converted into storage and ageing cellars which contain no less than 700 barrels and tens of thousands of bottles of the greatest wines of Chinon.

You will taste good wines from Domaine de Raifault, Domaine de l’Abbaye and Jean-Maurice Raffault, among others.

To be drunk in moderation of course, but to be discovered without delay!

From the cellar, you can take part in an 8km walk around the site with a visit and discovery of the AOC Chinon at the cellar, a Rabelaisian lunch outside and a trip in a gabare on the Vienne.


To discover the AOC Saumur, we invite you to Domaine de la Perruche in Montsoreau. Just a stone’s throw from the hotel Le Bussy, you will be surprised by the beauty of this troglodyte cellar. We invite you to taste the Saumur Champigny, Saumur Blanc and Saumur Brut appellations. Guided tours are organised for individuals and last about 1 hour.

As for tasting new flavours, discover the multitude of local products that our beautiful region has to offer.

You can start with the Distillerie Combier. It is the oldest distillery in the Loire Valley still in operation! You will learn all about the production of Triple-Sec and Absinthe distilled in 19th century copper stills. At the end of the visit, a tasting session will allow you to appreciate the authentic taste of the liqueurs, absinthes, creams and fruit and flower syrups made on the spot.

Beer lover? Discover the Brasserie Artisanale Tina. Nestled in the middle of the vineyards, it produces tasty local beers with a subtle bitter taste and fine bubbles. All their beers are traditionally made and undergo a double fermentation, the second one being in the bottle.


A sweet tooth?

Looking for something sweet? Taste the Pommes Tapées du Val de Loire in Turquant! But why tap apples? As early as the Middle Ages, the Loire became a prime navigable river. In order to have energetic foodstuffs that could be kept for longer, sailors took dried fruit with them. The birth of fruit tapés took place. To dry the fruit more quickly, the producer picks it and then taps it. The fruit then loses all its water and dries out. When stored in good conditions, the fruit can be kept for many months. Unusual, isn’t it?




Continue your tasting

To continue your tasting, discover “La champignonnière du saut aux loups” in Montsoreau. The tour presents the cultivation of button mushrooms from 1900 to the present day, the cultivation of oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, pholiotes, and more than 500 metres of a scenographic educational tour. Enjoy lunch in the restaurant, with the famous “galipettes” cooked over a wood fire and served in troglodytic rooms or on the terrace overlooking the Loire.



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