Special offers and gift vouchers


Gift vouchers

How does it work?

Fill in the form on this page:

> In the “Who am I” section, indicate your name so that the recipient of the gift voucher knows who is giving him/her this nice surprise 😉

> In the section “For whom“, indicate the name of the recipient of this gift

> In the section “For what?“, indicate if there is a special event to celebrate

Once the form has been received by the Hotel Le Bussy *** or the Restaurant Le Montsorelli, we will contact you by e-mail. Please check your details carefully!

After our exchange which validates the creation of the gift voucher, you send us, preferably, the balance agreed together by cheque to the address 4 rue Jehanne d’Arc 49730 MONTSOREAU. (The order of the cheque is communicated to you during our exchanges).

Your lucky beneficiary can then enjoy his gift 😉