Family activities

The BioParc Zoo of Doué-la-Fontaine

The BioParc Zoo in Doué-la-Fontaine is a must for young and old alike! Do you want to live a unique experience? Become an animal keeper for a day! Take part in the various tasks of the animal caretakers: preparing meals and feeding, maintaining the parks and buildings, taking the animals out and bringing them in, identifying and having close contact with all the animal diversity of the Biopark, including large herbivores, carnivores, birds, primates and reptiles.

And to complete your experience, take part in a VIP visit and experience privileged animal encounters by going behind the scenes of the Biopark! You can enter their enclosures, take part in the feeding of the birds and primates, watch the return of the wildcats and approach the large herbivores. Atypical, isn’t it?